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Warranty Management

“The professionals at XTEL work with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your warranty agreements with your OEMs and hardware providers.”

“With hardware from multiple OEM’s throughout your infrastructure, effectively managing and ensuring use of warranty agreements can be very challenging. XTEL works with you to streamline entitlement, RMA, and repair processes, ensuring you are getting the most out of your warranty agreements.”

They key to efficient and effective IT hardware management of warranty agreements is defining the rules and procedures up front to account for all of your hardware investments. In creating a closed-loop warranty management system, we ensure you’re getting the most out of your existing warranties and not wasting the value that is included in the native warranties that come with your various IT hardware purchases, leases and investments.

Failing to create a comprehensive warranty management system means in many cases you’re not taking advantage of the full extent of the warranty coverage you’re entitled to. This is especially common in emergency situations, where the rush to repair broken or damaged equipment means you don’t take the time to understand the warranty coverage in place. By letting XTEL create a custom warranty agreement management system for your IT investments, you’re guaranteeing you have fast and easy access to your warranty details and avoid costly out-of-pocket repairs.

Warranty Management

It is prudent to warranty IT investments. Warranties are an investment in peace of mind. More importantly, they provide assurance that both you and the integrity of your infrastructure stay whole. That is the good news…

The bad news is that is it not uncommon to have “paid for” warranties go to waste. Engineers and technicians get busy. Their primary focus is keeping IT up and running. Facilitating warranty returns, especially when multiple manufacturers are involved, is not on the top of their list. As a result, decommissioned equipment tends to sit and warranties tend to expire when they could have been used. It is a waste.

Why Warranty IT Investments?

When we create a warranty management solution for you, you’re saving time as well as money. Your priority and the priority of your IT specialists are to keep your business running with efficient and reliable computing and data handling and storage. They don’t have the time to spend digging into individual IT-asset warranty agreements, especially when there are multiple suppliers and vendors involved.

Our standardised management of warranty agreements makes it fast and easy to consult the warranty obligations related to your IT hardware. You’ll also get the financial compensation you have already paid for when you originally purchased the product with its warranty. We bring all this information together into one location so nothing gets missed and so you are not leaving money on the table with your broken and decommissioned IT hardware.

XTEL specialises in simplifying warranty returns. Let us make it easy for you. You get one efficient and dependable process to send all decommissioned assets. We perform warranty entitlement on your behalf. All valid warranties get used and you get what you paid for. To make the process complete, let XTEL integrate sparing and repairs into the equation for the full suite required for proper warranty management.

Get Effective Warranty Returns

You have more important things to focus on. Only you know how to run your business and meet the needs of your clients. Let our expert team here at XTEL do what we do best and create the custom hardware warranty management system you need for fast and consistent compensation in the case of warranty-related issues.

Contact us today, and we’ll start creating your warranty management solution to give you peace of mind and extract a maximum of value from your IT hardware assets and investments. We will also integrate the warranty information from all new acquisitions so your warranty returns solution grows as your business does.

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