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Revenue Sharing Programmes

“If you are looking for a more permanent solution to simplify process and attain higher returns, revenue sharing programs create an excellent option for your company. XTEL programs utilise time as an asset to market and sell your hardware for more. You gain optimal returns for you hardware’s remaining value, all without the hassle.”

Your IT assets have reached the end of their useful life for your organisation and have been decommissioned. Now what? Typically, this is where they are placed in the proverbial “closet” until someone can get to them so they may be resold or disposed of. There is very rarely anyone who is measured on how quickly those assets get processed for resale. This is where money is lost. IT assets can retain substantial value in the secondary market but they do tend to depreciate, and depreciate quickly. Having them sit around after decommissioning is a disaster but it is easy to see how this happens.

Someone has to handle everything from shipping labels, handling the logistics around removal and shipping, removing sensitive asset tags and data, refurbishing equipment for resale, marketing and reselling the equipment to wanting buyers, smartly moving the equipment into the market without ruining its market value, collecting payment from buyers, integrating a recycling process for valueless assets and tracking where each asset went for compliance reasons. XTEL can be that someone for you.

XTEL works with you to deploy an outcome based Revenue Share program tailored to fit your business requirements. A combination of our Partner Activity Coordination Tool (PACT™) and time tested processes are employed to simplify process and reporting. We make it easy for you to send decommissioned assets to one source. You get a partner that will smartly market and resell your assets to achieve the highest possible returns, safely and securely.

It really can be that easy. Let XTEL show you how.

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