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Equipment Site Survey & Audit

“The key first step of any successful programme is performing an in-depth site survey and audit. This allows XTEL to develop a blueprint for engagement that accurately assesses the customer’s current environment in order to develop the optimal plan to meet their goals.”

Prior to any service or programme implementation, XTEL provides a variety of different site survey and audit options. We survey sites for demarcation extensions, wireless signal strength, and installation preparation. Before any site survey begins, XTEL completes a preliminary review and scope of work definition with our customer. This practice allows XTEL to best manage expectations and ensure our technicians understand the full requirements and needs of customer.

Once the scope of work is completed, XTEL technicians are dispatched to the site with full engineering support should any concerns arise while on site. The results of the survey are then fully documented along with digital photos of the site. All field work is entered via the XTEL “PACT™” software tool including, but not limited to:

After all data has been gathered, the material is then reviewed by our Project Coordinators and presented to the customers along with recommendation and assessment of next steps. XTEL survey data has been used for national hotspot deployments, national router upgrades, 3G/4G LTE backup solutions, and data center deployments and decommissions.

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