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Remote Hands & Migration Technical Services

“Sometimes the smart move is to hire an extra pair of hands. Boost your operations while significantly reducing the demand on company resources.”

XTEL’s Remote Hands services offer an attractive alternative to alleviate your on-site support staff requirements. With Remote Hands, highly trained XTEL technicians are dispatched to your site, relieving the day-to-day demands of your experienced IT team and allowing them to focus on the more strategic areas of your operations. Our Remote Hands staff works under the direction of our experienced system administrators, who act as an extension of your IT team, ensuring that your systems are running efficiently. By assuming responsibility for a wide spectrum of technical labour tasks, on a 24/7 basis, XTEL’s Remote Hands services can be the most effective way to allocate your staff resources and IT expenditures.

XTEL offers a wide range of 24x7x365 Remote Hands services including:

Migration Design 8 Engineering Services

Our service provides clients with defined methodology, expertise and resources needed to assess, plan and execute a complex migration project. Using our comprehensive discovery tools and subject-matter experts, we help identify IT infrastructure, utilisation and application interdependencies. This approach creates a cost-effective, risk-averse migration strategy for both virtual, cloud migrations and physical relocations.

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