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Installation & De-Installation Services

“Whether you need us to complete your hardware installation from beginning to end, or just an onsite resource for your internal technicians, rely on the XTEL Group’s 15 years of expertise that comes from successfully installing hardware on a daily basis.”

Proper Installation Service starts with obtaining accurate information. Details are important, from site surveys to pre-work, to gather specifics on materials needed for the completion and integration of any project. XTEL supplies the people and equipment assemblies required, including all power, network and structure material needed to complete the installation of your project in accordance with industry specifications.

Engineering Services

Installing new IT hardware (including servers, routers and network switches) takes detailed planning. At the onset of every project, we work with your IT and Engineering team to create a roadmap. We incorporate all new hardware into your existing IT infrastructure. Our XTEL technicians have the experience to integrate new equipment as well as reorganise your existing equipment and layout and plan for future expansion and hardware additions.

This “big picture” roadmap of your organisation’s IT hardware and functions allows us to add value and improve efficiencies. Simply adding on new equipment to an existing IT system can create compatibility issues and server inefficiencies. Once the overview is in place, we look at the individual hardware components and their physical and IT layouts according to best practices, legal requirements and health and safety guidelines. The result is an elaborate engineering approach that only an experienced partner like XTEL can provide.

Furnish Services

Our experience with IT hardware installation has taught us to plan every last detail. This includes furnish services, which are often overlooked by less experienced contractors. Failure to plan for the necessary delivery verifications and incidental infrastructure consumables can cause pointless delays. We come equipped with the tools and diagnostic equipment necessary to perform a clean, efficient installation.

Our XTEL team tracks the delivery and status of all major IT hardware components such as your servers, routers and network switches. We also prepare the necessary installation hardware, accounting for potential issues with installation based on our decades of experience. At all times during our presence on your site, we respect all safety and security guidelines and work to minimise our intrusion.

Installation / De-installation Services

Having completed the necessary Engineering and Furnish Services, the remaining step is to perform the installation of your IT hardware. This step can include the de-installation of existing equipment that is damaged, obsolete or being upgraded. We work closely with your IT team to ensure the dates and times of our installation coordinate with your business functions and strive to keep your IT system downtime to a minimum.

Our team ensures a clean, professional installation according to all rules and regulations in place, including those specific to your business or facility. Our goal is to perform our installation according to the roadmap and milestones agreed to at the beginning of the project and ensure satisfactory installation and start-up of your new IT hardware and assets. Our experience allows us to anticipate common issues that can arise during IT hardware installation and work to avoid them.

XTEL focuses on Install and De-commission services for routers, switches and servers, as well as specialising in DC-Power adds. The environments we are certified to work at includes Cell sites, MTSO (Mobile Telephone Switching Office), Data centers and C/O (Central Office).

Decommissioning Engineering

“Triage your hardware for disposal, repair, sparing or redeploy at the decommission site instead of shipping off to a location, only to be shipped again for additional processing. Minimising your hardware shipments can severely reduce your logistics costs, further increasing the return on your investment.”

Triage at the Edge

Time is money. An old saying that is just as true today as it was in the past and in IT, it is gospel. Decommissioned IT assets can retain recoupable value but not forever. The speed at which a decision is made for an asset’s next useful life is critical as depreciation and market changes can happen in a flash in IT. A decommissioned asset has one of three destinies:

  1. Redeployment, or stated another way, putting the asset into use in another area of your infrastructure
  2. Resale or monetising the value left in the asset via the sale of the asset; generally in the form of a straight sale, revenue share relationship, or a combination thereof
  3. Disposal or more commonly referred to as recycling of the asset when there is no longer any marketable value

XTEL employs a process coined “Triage at the Edge”. Simply put, we set up processes that define the next use of your decommissioned assets so that they do not sit around depreciating or taking up space. The rules of next use are set in advance. They are then updated on an ongoing basis as future use or market value changes. The result is that your IT assets get to their next intended use as quickly as possible. You retain maximum economic utility of the asset and experience minimal costs associated with processing and/or freight.

Once our simplified solution is employed providing visibility in one location via XTEL’s Partner Activity Coordination Tool, PACT™, engineers and technicians no longer have to think about what to do with decommissioned assets, costs are avoided and money is saved.

Triage your hardware for disposal, repair, sparing or redeploy at the decommission site instead of shipping off to a location, only to be shipped again for additional processing. Minimising your hardware shipments can severely reduce your logistics costs, further increasing the return on your investment.

We organise decommissioning of servers and hardware according to the type and quantity of equipment you have. Our technicians respect the integrity of your data and privacy of your employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Before arriving for decommissioning and disposal, we’ll plan every detail of our intervention to minimise our intrusion on your site and provide the quality service you expect from an expert like XTEL.

In all cases, we make sure your data is safely transferred from your servers and other storage hardware before proceeding with decommissioning. We see proper IT hardware decommissioning as an important service for your business and treat your data and equipment with the respect it requires.

The deployment of new telecoms network technologies means that older legacy networks are becoming more expensive to operate and maintain. As a result, the de-installation of communication networks is becoming a growing topic of interest to our customers. XTEL boasts global experience in managing complex reverse logistics programme for the telecoms industry. This industry experience has yielded substantial insights for XTEL into best practice for telecom network de-installation and decommissioning for older, legacy or obsolete equipment. Triage at the Edge

De-installation Service Highlights:

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