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About the Xtel Technologies Group Ltd

“Welcome to the XTEL Technologies Group. Since 2003, XTEL has specialised in providing the Tele/Datecom, Cable, and Data Centre industries with hardware and services focused on reducing our customer’s costs and minimising risk. At XTEL we are a global leader, and a safe partner, for the provision of multi brand hardware, software, technical engineering, logistic and asset management solutions for both current technology and, impressingly, EOS/EOL technology, those technologies the OEMs attempted to exert unwanted demands upon you.”

“Uniquely we do all this whilst tying all the loops between all the multiple services by utilising our customer accessible portal tools which in turn integrate into your ERP and other process systems.”

What We Do

A key component of our hardware lifecycle management services is providing our customers with an assortment of hardware options. We feature brand-new and certified refurbished networking, voice, server and storage hardware from top manufacturers:

XTEL also offers a comprehensive suite of hardware lifecycle management/IT infrastructure management services to help you optimize your hardware and software technology solutions. Examples include:

Our services also include spares and warranty management, redeployment programs, certified disposal, decommissioning and much more.

Who Do We Do It For?

Alcatel LucentAT & TGCIequant orangeVirtual1TATA CommunicationsCOLTNTT CommunicationsCentury LinkSKYTalk TalkeasynetTelefonicainteroute

The Brands We Cover

JunipertelespreecienatellabsMicrosoftNECNortel NetworksAdtranenterasysagilent technologiesAlcatel LucentarubaDELL EMCMotorola3comSun MicrosystemsADCHP InventFoundry NetworkFinisarRedback NetworksBrocadeHUAWEINetwork AssociatesEricssonNOKIACopper MountainAvayaZTECitrixriverbed

Why Partner with XTEL?

Simply put, XTEL has the experience in multi technologies, engineering services, logistics, consultancy and systemic management of all of the aforementioned such that you can be sure of significant service, assert life extension and improved cost efficiencies; we are here to prove that XTEL are truly “Beyond the Ordinary”.



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