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Analytics and Recommendation Process for Inventory Balancing

“The first step of any engagement involves an in-depth analysis of our customers’ locations in order to determine the lowest-cost asset management solution to provide their greatest return on investment.”

In many cases, we can recognise problems with the organisation and installation of IT hardware and infrastructure that are causing problems and inefficiencies. We then take into account any hardware that is not utilised, obsolete or being replaced and include this equipment in our IT lifecycle management analysis. The final step is adding in new or redeployed equipment to create your full asset lifecycle management programme. Our team is trained to perform methodical analysis of your site and make real-world suggestions and proposals that extract maximum value from your existing and future IT assets.

Analytics & Recommendation

Proper analytics means understanding the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” technology assets are used. Recommendations for areas of improvement are only possible when the right data is collected, accurate, and understood within the context of business requirements, usage history, and forward deployment plans.

XTEL’s Current State Mapping & Analysis establishes a Current State of your technology asset lifecycle processes across its key asset stakeholder constituencies. XTEL will map and analyse existing business rules and processes involved in the Procurement, Forward Logistics, Support, and Reverse Logistics operations. Included in the mapping is an actionable roadmap outlining recommendations to achieve measurable financial and performance impact in all of these areas or in a defined area, as needed. An asset audit is performed to identify all assets, including the “lost or unknown”. All assets are triaged for next intended use, provided a unique identification, and made visible to eliminate any future duplication, loss, or overstock issues moving forward.

Mapping & Analysis establishes your priorities and quickly identifies areas that will result in immediate improvement. Ongoing, XTEL works with you to strategically implement proprietary tools and processes to ensure you have full visibility and a structure to see asset related problems on the horison. You gain full asset lifecycle visibility, including net new inventory pricing and movement controls from Purchase Order to Final Destination. XTEL implementation has a proven track record to eliminate the following business concerns:

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