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Pre-Installation Stage & Configuration Services

“XTEL utilises our OEM certified technicians and engineers to stage your equipment in our state-of-the-art labs, ensuring that you reduce your costs by avoiding dead on arrival hardware and eliminating the need for onsite technicians.”

When we perform hardware and equipment staging and configuration prior to installation at your facility, we are not only able to work quickly and efficiently, but also we eliminate disruption to your business during this time. We can perform real-time tests of your equipment and verify all hardware, software and programs are functioning as expected. This assures us fast and easy installation at your site and guarantees you’re up and running in less time and with fewer headaches.

Stage & Configuration

Shipping equipment to multiple sites around the country and having them configured on-site can be very expensive and time-consuming, especially if you have to send a technician on-site. XTEL can help reduce your costs and speed your deployments by staging your equipment in our state-of-the-art lab. You save time and money by doing away with DOA (dead on arrival) equipment and having technicians’ time to perform this work significantly reduced or eliminated.

XTEL will stage your equipment in our fully ESD compliant and climate controlled lab where trained and OEM certified technicians will configure your hardware, including the required OS level and configuration. We will also quality-check the equipment for any defects or errors, package it and ship it directly to site. By using XTEL’s Staging Services, you increase efficiency by leveraging our technical expertise to help you prevent out-of-box failures and incorrect configurations before your equipment arrives on-site.


XTEL staging services include a wide range of methodical staging and configuration steps that allow us to ensure reliable start-up once you receive the equipment. This is an important step, since components shipped from different corners of the globe can arrive damaged. Finding this out during installation at your site can cause serious delays. When we take care of pre-staging at our labs, we inspect, fix and replace all damaged items.

Our hardware staging services include:

Once these staging steps are performed, we’ll let you know that your hardware is ready for configuration. We’re confident that you won’t encounter any time-consuming hardware issues during installation.


Once your equipment is staged, we also perform configuration to verify that all hardware is functioning properly and communicating according to your pre-defined protocols. Our technicians will apply the settings and configurations you specify so that your system is ready to use once it’s installed in your facility. Our thorough equipment configuration services eliminate lost time upon startup due to software issues, hardware communication problems, and license and access issues.

Our hardware configuration services include:

In our experience, we save you a lot of time and hassle during installation and startup at your site when we take the time to properly stage and configure your new hardware in the controlled conditions of our labs. Discovering a hardware issue or configuration error beforehand gives us the time to react and find a solution. It also means that you can usually avoid the cost of an on-site technician during installation and ensure a hardware upgrade project that is on time and on budget. We’ll keep you informed and up to date on all of your staging and configurations projects.

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