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Full Market Valuation

“As hardware demand and supply shifts daily, so does the value of your hardware on the secondary market. XTEL partners with you to make sure no money is left on the table, providing maximum value for your end-of-life hardware.”

“Increased CAPEX cash by offsetting revenue generated against purchases of new equipment and reduce power consumption on redundant assets and free up PoP footprint. Minimise obsolescence costs by converting pre-owned and legacy assets into re-usable inventory, raw material, or cash.”

Understanding and obtaining full market value of your end of life assets can be tricky. XTEL combines our knowledge of the intricacies of the market with over 15 years of hardware expertise. We ensure our customers are leaving no funds on the table when selling their hardware. Our objective is to provide real funds that can be reinvested within your organisation to fund additional projects or applied directly to the bottom line.

Timing, volumes, condition, market elasticity, impending model changes, etc. all come into play. Is it better to sell the components or the whole system? It is a full time job to keep up with all the factors. It is not surprising that many organisations fall prey to accepting less than their assets are worth from shrewd players in the secondary market. Conversely, and equally as painful, many assume their equipment is worth more than it really is, only to be let down as they hunt for buyers. Managing IT has enough surprises.

XTEL has a team of professionals selling and tracking hardware within the secondary market on a daily basis. Let us show you how having full visibility into this area of your IT lifecycle can make a true difference for your organisation, remove the headaches of selling your hardware, and provide you with the highest dollar amount for your hardware which can be reinvested in your department or division.

XTEL’s telecoms network asset valuation and recovery clients benefit from considerable data-driven expertise in relation to the evaluation of technology and network assets that are being considered for disposal. XTEL’s robust methods of evaluation are based on an extraordinarily large database of sales history by OEM product code including telecom hardware equipment revision which goes back more than 15 years. XTEL believes that its core competence rests primarily on the quality and richness of this proprietary data which is then combined with external market based data for a complete 360° picture.

XTEL’s Network Equipment Asset Valuation Process

Network Equipment Asset Resale

Benefits XTEL bring to you reductant asset sales disposal

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