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Cost Avoidance Through Redeployment of Assets

“Some IT infrastructure management-service providers attempt to help their client’s lower expenses by reducing the costs they are already incurring. At XTEL, we take a different approach. Through the effective, precise use of analytics tools, our goal is to help you avoid needless costs altogether.”

“We start by centralising the visibility of your existing hardware mix. This enables us to attain comprehensive, accurate data, which we combine with our streamlined suite of asset deployment services, allowing you to assess, manage and optimise your IT infrastructure with greater speed and efficiency.”

At XTEL we have made cost avoidance a cornerstone of how we operate. We can add real, measurable value to your business or organisation by eliminating IT-related costs related to equipment purchase, replacement, repair and maintenance. Through careful study, analysis and diagnosis of your existing IT hardware and infrastructure, we can propose network infrastructure management with reduced costs.

Less experienced IT solution providers often take the “more is better” approach, simply adding new hardware to your existing IT network and creating “band-aid” solutions. Our approach takes into account your current status, inefficient equipment, necessary upgrades and potential future hardware additions. With this broad approach, we also consider all possible cost avoidance ideas and build cost savings in from the beginning.

One common example is performing low-cost router, server or switch maintenance, instead of replacing your equipment. In many cases, we can get your system back online and performing properly with a bit of repair and maintenance. This eliminates the time and risk involved in compatibility issues with new equipment and the need to back up and transfer data. When your hardware can’t be repaired, we can propose cost savings thanks to our certified, refurbished hardware.

We dig deep to find meaningful cost avoidance solutions for your business.

IT BEGINS WITH CENTRALISED VISIBILITY of your existing mix of hardware, tethered or untethered. Our proprietary software, PACT™, is a cloud-based "pair of eyes" that enables true hardware management throughout its lifecycle.

Maintaining a constant view of the status and performance of your hardware is a huge advantage for your business. Our software tool allows us to customise views of your IT hardware and infrastructure, unlike many industry programs that are impossible to personalise. In our experience, continuous network infrastructure management is the best way to avoid costs related to IT improvements and maintenance.

At a glance, we’ll be able to assess the status of every piece of hardware in your IT network and efficiently plan maintenance, upgrades and decommissioning. Don’t leave any aspect of your IT hardware or infrastructure up to chance. Let us track it all in detail with our portal based tool software.

WITH ACCURATE, COMPREHENSIVE DATA IN HAND you're provided with clear recommendations on when you really do need to redeploy, repair, purchase or sell hardware. This data allows you to plan downtime for maintenance, repairs, upgrades and hardware replacement. Once again, you can expect real cost avoidance without any surprises. Being able to plan your network interruptions is a great way to avoid unnecessary IT-related costs. Planned router, server and switch maintenance can also offer savings over emergency replacement because of equipment failure.

Make the best use of your valuable IT hardware through careful analysis and decision making based on real-time data. You’ll experience true cost avoidance when you plan for efficient use of your IT hardware during the course of its lifecycle. Remove all guesswork by arming yourself with reliable, accurate data.

COUPLED WITH OUR STREAMLINED ASSET DEPLOYMENT SERVICES, your infrastructure can also be assessed, managed and optimised faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Your assets represent a significant use of your precious capital. To get the most out of your assets, you need to have a clear understanding of their position in your network infrastructure management cycle. New hardware needs to provide solid return on investment and be used to its maximum performance. Older equipment needs to be watched closely for signs of reliability problems or performance degradation.

As your IT hardware and infrastructure reaches the end of its life, you can make the decision to refurbish, sell or replace it, avoiding costs related to network failure or rushed equipment replacement.

TRULY KNOWING WHAT YOU HAVE AVAILABLE FOR EVERY SITE, capital and logistical costs are exposed and avoided. There's less need for expensive new equipment and less downtime at sites waiting on equipment.

This is one of the most significant cost avoidance benefits of working with XTEL. We have years of experience helping companies make intelligent IT hardware decisions and avoid spending where it isn’t necessary. Imagine if your server, router or network switch failed today. What would the impact and cost be on your business? In many cases, it goes beyond the cost of lost business and affects your reputation with your customers and collaborators.

Arm yourself with the best tools in the business for cost savings with infrastructure management and refurbished IT hardware. Our team at XTEL is ready to put in place a cost avoidance program that is adapted to the realities of your IT hardware requirements and expectations.

Summary of XTEL’s Benefits to you for an Asset Redeployment Programme

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