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“The financial drivers and functionality of your infrastructure are unique - let your goals define your purchases, not your hardware supplier.”

“XTEL specialises in the provision of high quality warranteed reconditioned multi brand equipment either current of EOS/EOL”

The XTEL Group maximises your investments through our lowest-cost option methodology; whether we simply provide you a competitive hardware price or an ongoing solution derived from a comprehensive analysis of your hardware purchase processes. Together, we will create a systematic, lowest-cost purchase plan, using your own optimal mix of new, certified/refurbished, or redeployed existing hardware options to drive maximum cost avoidance.

Intelligent IT lifecycle management isn’t simply about adding hardware; it’s about rethinking your IT strategy and using your existing assets and infrastructure efficiently while adding key pieces of hardware for even greater performance. This is one of the strengths of the XTEL Group and another way we can save your company money while adding to your IT capabilities.

As the first step in an IT upgrade or replacement project, purchasing the right equipment is critical as we determine the lowest-cost supply of hardware for your situation. We take the time to understand your current needs and plans for future upgrades and installations. Any time we suggest the purchase of equipment, we think ahead to the necessary hardware installation services and how we will support you going forward. XTEL also realise that your best options may be already within your existing environment with unutilised hardware you already own that just needs to be redeployed.

XTEL have the experience and product knowledge to find the best solutions adapted to your business, instead of catalog systems that won’t give you the flexibility and configurability you need. We will also find equipment that works seamlessly with your current IT hardware and installations.

We carry all of the most popular makes and models of IT hardware, as well as many unique, high-performance components that we recommend for unorthodox installations and specific uses. Our technicians have decades of experience in IT hardware and pay close attention to new products and hardware on the market.

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If your IT or Engineering team has a preference for certain makes and models of hardware, we’ll work to include them, while we can also suggest the best options for your purposes according to our experience. We’re constantly adding to our inventory, so be sure to check back often to see what new hardware we have in our catalog.

XTEL stocks or have access from within our existing customer inventories under our management to in excess of 1 million parts that extend across those that are current to those which are EOL [End of Life] and are very difficult to obtain.


Many areas of the tele/datacoms operators’ business are becoming mature markets and as a result management focus is increasingly on cost control. Traditional telcos also face competition from a variety of tech driven challengers as well as increased regulatory pressure. In response to these challenges XTEL has developed a suite of products and services with the operator in mind, most notably tele/datacom asset management and recovery.

On-site dismantling services designed to help the operator both generate revenue from re-selling and recycling out of service tele/datacoms hardware while at the same time generating significant environmental and economic benefits from reduced power and climate control spending.

Provision of refurbished tele/datacoms parts for sparing and capacity upgrades at a fraction of the cost of new supply reducing OPEX expenditure. XTEL’s inventory of multi-vendor tele/datacom network parts is probably the most comprehensive found anywhere in the world, and covers every domain including optical transmission, carrier ethernet, core routing, access in fixed line and mobile networks as well as data centre and security devices.

The area of optical transceivers is increasingly in focus for procurement teams because they know that it is possible to move away from traditional channels and seek an equivalent alternative where the cost savings are considerable. XTEL’s range of compatible optical transceivers has been designed with the needs of the telco in mind and offer equivalent quality at a substantially reduced cost.

Data Centres

Data centre providers are growing rapidly driven by the digitisation of services by governments and corporates. In addition more and more enterprises are moving their applications into the cloud in order to gain speed, efficiency and access across multiple devices. Add into the mix social media and video and it is easy to see why data centres themselves are growing rapidly (as well as connectivity to the data centre via 100G optical networking).

XTEL is well positioned to provide tele/datacoms asset management for the data centre sector and particularly for supplying optical transceivers for data centres. We provide a variety of optical transceivers for data centres including QSFP and QSFP28 available at a greatly reduced cost when compared to OEM supply. What’s more XTEL’s range of optical transceivers are fully tested to ensure that they are compatible with the intended host system at XTEL’s 3,000 f² tele/datacoms testing laboratory. Optical transceivers from XTEL are available in stock from both our European and US locations in order to ensure good availability and competitive pricing. XTEL’s range is MSA (multi-source agreement) compliant which means that the transceivers conform to internationally agreed standards. XTEL’s range encompasses all form factors including CFP, SFP, SFP+ and XFP.

Data centre clients also rely on XTEL to decommission and securely process out of service tele/datacoms hardware equipment as part of their asset recovery service. Not only is this activity compliant in terms of WEEE and data, it also returns significant value back to the customer. Internet service providers (ISPs).

XTEL already works with a great many ISPs globally to provide them with tele/datacoms spare parts management, for example supplying them with spare parts for legacy access equipment such as Alcatel ASAM or ISAM as well as support for legacy core routers such as Juniper T- Series machines. In addition the main global internet exchange points where ISPs peer (interconnect) such as those in London, Frankfurt and Washington are discovering a compelling business case to select compatible optical transceivers to facilitate the thousands of interconnections needed. XTEL has developed a range of vendor agnostic compatible optical transceivers to address the needs of this sector.

Access network equipment

A key part of the fixed line/wireline tele/datacoms network is the access network, where services are delivered to subscribers via copper or fibre. XTEL covers the key domains of traditional MSAN and DSLAM as well as fibre broadband through our diverse range of access network equipment.

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