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Warehousing & Logistic Services

“XTEL have 15 years of experience of managing customer assets around the world. We have, to support our customers, 9 DC [Distribution Centres] across the US, Europe and Asia. We support 4 hour spares deliveries, anywhere on the globe, through having a network of more than 1700 ‘Forward Stocking Locations’ [FSLs] and in excess of 3000 PUDO [Pick Up / Drop Off ] locations.”

Why choose XTEL?

We offer a wide range of capabilities:

With our comprehensive solutions, you can reduce overhead costs, increase your speed to market, and ensure seamless service to your end customers.

To give our customers significant operating and stability advantages, our warehouses use the most current and stable version of the most commonly used warehouse management software (WMS).

Warehousing & Logistics


XTEL are known for being the team “who not only knows what the best methods to provide timely shipping services but we also knows what is technically, in the box.” We have in many of our locations facilities to provide a selection of our other services:

In excess of £5m has been spent on developing our own open systems WMS/Asset Registration application which we continue to develop so that it integrates into our customers own ERP and Supply Chain solutions. Uniquely this application is also capable of integration into the freight forward company’s applications, as well as serving as our ‘Portal’ through which our customer place ‘Trouble Tickets’ for maintenance / installation calls. The system combines the simultaneous scheduling of an asset from the warehouse and the engineer visit, so that when the engineer arrives at the customer site the part is awaiting.

Our WMS – PACT™ offers:

Integration between the WMS - PACT™ and our packaging ERP system –‘ AXAPTA’ gives you robust kitting management capabilities. This integration allows inventory items to be grouped into resalable kits based on flexible bills of materials. The system will also monitor minimum and maximum inventory levels to trigger replenishment of materials or products.

Our order fulfillment software can handle all your fulfillment needs and incorporates a variety of APIs (Application Protocol Interfaces). You can seamlessly integrate real-time inventory and shipping data into online stores, improving the customer's overall experience by providing accurate, dependable information.

Data Integration and Reporting

Easy access to information is critical for optimal supply chain performance. At XTEL, our data integration and reporting capabilities allow you to improve inventory management, control costs, and speed decision making.

Whether you need inventory status reports, advance shipment notification, or proof of delivery, we’ll give you real-time visibility for your supply chain.

Service Parts Logistics

XTEL is the new leader in service parts logistics and forward stocking locations services, offering complete solutions for mission-critical warehousing. In many cases, our customers find these services crucial for meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with their end customers. These customers often work with SLAs as narrow as 4 hours. Few logistics or expedited shipping companies have the resources and knowledge needed to help their customers perform to that level. None can do it with the efficiency of XTEL. It’s about a lot more than same day delivery. It’s about having the right systems and people in place – people who care.

Optimise Service Parts Logistics to boost your bottom line:

How can you control your costs and assure that you meet critical service agreements? Our large network of company owned facilities including our large DC network, large forward stocking network and integrated best in class air and ground courier network ensures best in class performance at pricing that will get your attention. Our solution is agnostic in terms of mode of transport. So whether you are going to will call parts, ship them via parcel next day or deferred or need a same day solution, either routed or on demand, we can help. We tie it all together with a comprehensive IT solution that allows you to see inventory at the DC, Forward Stocking Locations or out for delivery with our integrated courier, or your parcel carrier (UPS, FedEx and DHL). It’s a compelling solution that is future proof and allows you to move to either faster or slower modes of transport and flex up and down with field stocking and DC inventory levels to optimise for the priority of the moment.

On site now:

Executed properly, service parts logistics can be a key competitive advantage and profit center for many companies. In fact, recent economic weakness has accentuated the role of post-sales service operations in manufacturers’ revenue mix, as customers put off new purchases and look to extend the life of their equipment. Service parts logistics is complex, dynamic, and challenging – characterised, for instance, by irregular demand and by tension between minimising inventory costs and minimising customers’ downtime. Many businesses muddle through with service parts logistics performance well short of ideal, inflating costs, damaging customer relations and eroding profits.

99.5% inventory accuracy and 98% on-time shipping:

We are the premier provider of time-critical transportation and integrated supply chain solutions, including service parts logistics. We’ll reduce your service operation costs while improving the support you provide your customers. Here’s how we will help you create an effective and profitable post-sales service operation:

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